MUSIC October 2020 – 日本 ヒップホップ HIP HOP (JAPAN)

Category: News on 21-10-2019

Musical inspiration because we all need some! Japan is not all samurais, technics and green tea. Check out the multitude of influences featured in the tracks below: Indian drums, jazz keys, '90s rap, grime, Puff Daddy and even Lady Soveriegn!

Kicking things off in Japan! Each one of these artists is worth a little trip into on youtube if you have time.

I’ve made them into a playlist so you can stick ’em all on

DOPENESS: Recommended for lift lines, lifts and riding…

Love this guys voice and attitude…and he’s done loads of collabs with ROY U-zhaan the tabla player:

Love these guys’ low key videos!

Don’t know what Dopeness is talking about all the time but I can tell he’s a real piss taker as seen in FANCY CLOTHES..


Next up is YURiKA. Designed for bassy car journeys to the mountain and piste-bombing.

Yurika is signed to an ANIME label since 2017. Dunno how that works, maybe making sickeningly cheesy theme tunes. Prior to that she made some awesome rap tunes with Chiva from buzzer beats and DJ Watarai before the mainstream anime industry realised her appeal:

She also appeared on this amazing timeless track from Tel Aviv crew Sababa 5:

EVISBEATS for when you are preparing a matcha tea or waxing your snowboard at the end or beginning of the day:

For some super chilled zen-clean beats, this guys done loads of stuff in a similar jazzy vein with videos shot in the mundane surrounding of his own neighbourhood:

For some WU TANG Style samurai sheeet, so dope! Perfect for the car or riding:

And here’s a couple more for ye: