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Horsemouth Snowboarding was started by Paul McKeen in 2014. All lessons, courses and programmes are currently held by him.

Paul McKeen holds the full French and international qualifications to carry out all Horsemouth Snowboarding’s services: the EMS for non-glaciated off-piste guiding, the UKCP Level 2 Freestyle Coach, ISTD, BASI Level 4 snowboard instructor and Carte Professionnelle, moniteur de snowboard

Paul McKeen
ISTD, BASI Level 4 + Carte Professionnelle de snowboard

“Reborn in Chamonix in 2003, I have dedicated every winter to snowboarding, developing my technique, exploring and having a great time along the way. I realised that the purpose of my existence, flimsy as it is, should be to pass on what I’m most passionate about. Snowboarding has brought me so much and I think it’s such a great sport that I want everyone who has the chance to try it. For me, it’s like showing someone round a town or place that I’m extremely proud to be from. My formal training with BASI has given me the platform to reach out to others and help them to their feet for the first time. It’s funny how you can single out the moments that decide the twists of your life’s path. Some of my key snowboarding (and my life’s) moments include when Gary showed me a board for the first time, my first 360 with Andy Logan, Mike and Pierrick when they blew my mind taking me to Chamonix’s highcountry, Andy Croakes when he kindly took us touring or Andy Lagan riding under an ice arch and his eyelids freezing shut from cold and so on.”

“It makes my day to introduce someone to this sport considering the wonders it has provided me over the years. This is why I started Horsemouth Snowboarding.”