Freestyle Snowboarding

More style, more freedom

Why learn freestyle Snowboarding?

Whether you are Shaun White or someone just getting off the ground, the feeling of landing a trick that pushes your level brings a great sense of achievement, fuelling your stoke for snowboarding and for life! Freestyle snowboarding requires strength, agility, balance, commitment and can open up so many new aspects of snowboarding. It can teach you a lot about yourself, about your riding, and your attitude…

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a teenager because a little bit of freestyle goes a long way..

Check out our season-long Board Skills and FUNdamentals sessions for an intro to freestyle.  Details of the next session on the horsemouth snowboarding facebook page.

Autumn is the perfect time for dreaming of new tricks, a time for telling yourself you’ll go bigger this winter, a time for watching videos… Then winter comes and it’s action time. This is the time to look deep inside yourself and connect with your body. You must work hard on getting yourself back to as good as last year, only then you can look at springing forth from the solid platform you’ve built for yourself over previous winters.

Winter is when the dreaming stops and the hard work of achieving the dream, step by step, begins.

We literally need a solid base to jump off. This is how we prevent injury, improve consistency as well as style and ease. Going big is merely a by-product of confidence.

Feeling is everything. Real satisfaction is intrinsic, very personal. You know it when you’ve greased a trick, like the feeling of a perfect drive in golf or a swish in basketball- moments that make sense of it all. This is what fuel people’s passion, addiction, stoke or whatever you want to call it…

The satisfaction of being able to say you can do a 720 to people in the pub pales into insignificance against the feeling you get from an amazing moment. For example, a straight air with no grab when you are perfectly poised and silent in the air, flying down the mountain can ‘beat’ a 540 in the park because guess what, it’s not about impressing judges. Your own feeling is the judge.

Specify one of the following when you book if you like but first think about building on any current skills you have:

    • Ollies and Flatland
    • Jumps and grabs
    • Kicker building
    • Natural terrain reading and riding
    • Park
    • Piste jibbing
    • Speed jibbing
    • Spins and flips
    • Backcountry freestyle
    • Games and challenges
    • Airbag
    • Intro to boxes

Book some Freestyle

Spice up your snowboarding with a dash of freestyle.


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