Seasonnaire’s Off-piste Explorer Course

Aimed at accomplished riders, this weekly seasonnaires' off-piste explorer course will introduce you to freeriding in one of the best spots in the world at an affordable price. Hit the backcountry in a safety-conscious approach to getting the goods.

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Freeride: This off-piste explorer course is a programme designed to make the most of what Chamonix is famous for-its mountains. Hike to spots, explore the terrain and head out into the backcountry with a qualified instructor who can show you the ropes, where to go when and how to read tell-tale danger signs.

A continuous development course aimed at exploring the easily accessible mid-mountain Freeride spots of the Chamonix Valley, designed for seasonnaires and experienced riders.

Experience Level Required: ‘Advanced‘ with lots of variable snow riding experience, right up to ‘Expert‘.

Check our Level Finder for more definitions.

As a general guide, participants must be able to ride moguls in control.

In the same vein as the Continuous Freestyle Development Programme, the off-piste explorer course is going to run on one half-day per week, all season long. Whole days are also a possibility if needed (touring days) and a minimum number of participants is required for it to run- this is to keep the costs down for those taking part.

Communication about the venue, time and day: participants are asked to follow on Horsemouth Snowboarding on Facebook and join the What’s App group message.

What’s involved:

Off-Piste Riding training and enjoyment

Backcountry Freestyle/Terrain reading

Avalanche awareness development (constant learning)


Touring (splitboarding/snowshoeing on certain days according to group)

Powder riding, gully blasting, lip bashing and probably bushwhacking


What you need:

Avalanche kit

Off-piste riding experience/skills. Can you ride moguls?

Fitness level 3-4

To be keen, committed and communicative

Have a sense of humour



Free induction/entry test

Cost: €40/person for half day (9-12 or 13-16:00)

Minimum 4 people committed, max 8

Full Day= €70

Example excursions: Hotel Face, Lavancher bowl, Off the Floria, Back of le Tour, Plan de l’Aiguille, Trient Valley, Les Possettes.

Touring (full days): Aiguillette de Houches, Col de Berard, Le Tour, Col de Floria, Pointe Pourrie, Lac Blanc, Les Contamines

Day Excursions: Courmayeur, Les Contamines, Verbier

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