5-Day HMS Special

All aspects of snowboarding to suit the conditions! Inspired by Volcom.

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This is HMS Snowboarding Special Course in a nut shell:

There’s powder in resort, let’s ride the lifts.

There’s powder outside the resort, let’s go splitboarding.

It’s sunny and warm, let’s enjoy the piste, do some jumps, boardercross races and learn some new skills.

It’s smooth as butter on the piste, it’s carving and flat land time.

It’s raining, maybe time to try some boxes or improve your switch and have a nice lunch!


Do you find yourself becoming a picky snowboarder, only happy with perfect runs in perfect weather and perfect snow?

It’s something that most riders suffer from from time to time but we’re here to help!

Don’t be at the mercy of the fickle conditions, there’s always fun to be had.

We can make the most of whatever the weather throws at us, after all, that’s what we do everyday anyway Pinkie…

Let’s not try and pigeonhole all different aspects of snowboarding, it’s all just one sliding scale anyway!

This course is about learning to accept, adapt and get creative to enjoy riding every time- take control of your enjoyment.

Sound good?

*Precedence is always given to powder

Entertaining the riders, reps and staff from Volcom in the past two seasons has inspired this particular course. Responding to conditions, seeking fun for the whole group and keeping everyone safe.



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