Social Distancing

Social splitboarding days dotted through the season, especially frequent from December 16 2020 until 'further notice'!

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Level and fitness level of group will determine what tour we do.

So you thought you knew what this meant right?

Reappropriation of the rules is what I’m talking about. Remap your future, the green way.

Get fit, turn your back on the ski lifts and the pistes (for now) and come and feel the mountains- just the ticket!

What is this?

It’s Splitboarding! From €55* per person for half day, rental included

For now it looks as though the lifts will be closed until mid-January, well that forces your hand a bit doesn’t it?

Apart from venturing into Switzerland (TBC), this is the only option to get some early season powder so there’s never been a finer time to try it for the first time (if you haven’t tried it yet) or work on those rusty kick turns and develop some legs of steel in the process. It will be a great chance for a safe, social gathering where the objective is to literally to socially distance yourself from others in the safety of a somewhat sparse group.

How it will work

I’ll set the level for any given day on Facebook + What’s App. e.g. “Intro session running on the 20th December or Technique Day on the 21st, who’s in?”

Level and fitness level of group will determine what tour we do.

We’ll assemble our group and I’ll collect details about board requirements.

Whatever the theme or the level, we’ll do a tour of at least 1hr 30.

Venue depends on many things including snow, fitness, experience, safety, convenience, etc.

Transport can be arranged between the group, favouring public transport or car sharing at worst.

I’ll lead the tour and help out wherever necessary. Emphasis on learning the necessary skills and hacks as well as safety and guiding the way.


SPLITBOARD RENTAL INCLUDED from our fleet of Furberg Splitboards. 165, 162, 156, 160cm available.

This includes: Splitboard, bindings, skins, poles and splitboard crampons.

Does not include (non exhaustive): Basic avi gear (shovel, probe, transceiver), rucksack, water bottle, food, sunglasses, hat, thin gloves, suncream, boots.

See FAQ for more details.


Depends on how many hours we’re going for, whether you already have your own board (discount), how many referrals you bring**.

As a rough guide for a beginner session:

€55 per person for a half day*

*so long as there are 3 in the group

**to be defined

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